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Welcome to CLEAR-BEER, so glad you're here!

​CLEAR-BEER is a division of the Just Maid It Inc. Group of Companies who have been providing commercial and residential cleaning services throughout the Niagara Region for the past 17 years. Just Maid It Inc. is extremely proud to have been selected Best Cleaning Business in Canada for 2021 by the Canadian Business Review Board and awarded Best Business designation in the Niagara Region for the past six years. It is from this high standard of quality service that CLEAR-BEER has been conceived, created and launched. 


As a successful corporation we understand that to become a successful entrepreneur you need to work to a rigorous business schedule and jobs such as cleaning beer lines get delayed at best, or simply overlooked. This, of course, impacts not only the quality and taste of your draught beer, but will eventually have a negative impact on your customers and hence on your profits. As a service business, we know that customer satisfaction is driven as much by relationships with them as it is by the quality of services we provided to them. That's why at CLEAR-BEER, we do it right the first time, every time.


We will gladly set up your cleaning service rotation so you don't have to worry about service days, dates and times. We take care of your scheduling and we will notify you of your next scheduled service a few days before it's due.


When you make the decision to to hire a professional cleaning service, you want to be sure you select the right company to meet your particular needs. Our cleaning specialists are trained by us and are fully insured, bonded and very experienced in the cleaning service industry. They are also committed, trustworthy and happy to go the extra mile with a smile, just for you! 


​​​To make it simple for you to work with us at CLEAR-BEER, we offer you free immediate quotes online, onsite, or by phone. Once you have accepted the quote we will then add you to our ongoing scheduling, and all with no contract to sign. We will enter into a verbal business agreement with you to carry out our services on the days and dates agreed to. Simply put, you can start when you want to start and you can stop when you want to stop.

We encourage you to Contact us now to learn more about what we do and when and where we do it and to answer any questions you may have. 

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